drummer; composer; music educator
drummer; composer; music educator


PM Music Hub

PM Music Hub is a private music space where Piotr and his wife, MinJin, music offices are located. In addition to drum and vocal lessons, PM Music Hub also offers piano, bass and guitar classes for professional and hobby students. In addition PM Music Hub has six practice booths. Main role of PM Music Hub is to prepare young aspiring musicians for Music University  Studies in and outside of Korea. In our spare time we also educate hobby students and kids. If you ever in Yangsan or in Busan for that matter feel free to visit us. 

Located in Yangsan City, South Korea.

More information under: PmMusicHub.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pmmusichub @PMMusicHub    #PMMusicHub, #PM뮤직허브, #피엠뮤직허브

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PMMusicHub

Music School Program

Music School Program (due to Covid-19 postponed until March 2022) is a pre-college curriculum for students interested in pursuing a career in performing arts and therefore are preparing for nationwide or international college auditions in jazz and applied music.

PM Music Hub provides a 2 years long introduction to the art of performance program build on the principles of jazz theory, improvisation and ensemble practice.

The Music School Program lasts for 2 full years and includes, alongside the main instrument classes, additional minor instrument lessons, a theory group class and a practice group class with a: stepwise music theory education, ear training, music analysis, practice routine guidance and an ensemble performance.

Music School Program in a nutshell:

  • 2 years long curriculum
  • divided into 4 semesters
  • full 16 weeks of lessons
  • Four lessons every week – total of 3.5h of classes
    • Main Instrument (1h)
    • Minor Instrument (30min)
    • Theory, Harmony and Arranging (1h)
    • Group Practice and Ensemble (1h)

More on:

Music Editorial / Composing / Arranging

Piotr is constantly composing and arranging new material for his projects. In addition to original compositions he also arranges music to suit any artistic encounters along the way. That includes arranging for vocals and horn sections in any style.

With 2 years of Music Librarian training and an editorial internship at the one of the biggest music editing company Boosey&Hawkes Piotr is taking written music very seriously. His charts are always clear and clean for other performers. Piotr can deliver to you a clear and clean chart of you choosing.