drummer; composer; music educator
drummer; composer; music educator


While Piotr Pawlak performs as a sideman with various other groups, he also takes care of his own projects.

Piotr Pawlak Jazztet:

The Original

PiotrPawlakJazztet is a project that started back in 2010. It involves a traditional hard-bop set up of 3 horns and rhythm section. What began as a student project at the Jazz Department of the University of Music in Graz (Austria) evolved to a full-time band concept that Piotr continues to lead regardless of place of residence.

July 2011 Piotr Pawlak with his Jazztet released his first and so far the only CD entitled “Wist Werk“. This live recording was a result of 14 days long Winter 2011 International Tournée. It’s available for streaming bellow.

The European band performed in 9 countries on the continent and won 3 international awards on Jazz Competitions in Spain, Poland and Italy. Bellow a live recording from 2012 Getxo Jazz Competition in Spain.

In the United States Piotr Pawlak continued to arrange, compose and perform. With a set of new players the Jazztet hit stages of few New York’s popular jazz venues.

Currently Piotr Pawlak lives in South Korea. Nevertheless he still continues his Jazztet projects with the finest musicians from Korea. The band performs together a tight program of original compositions and arrangements of jazz standards. 

For more information visit: facebook page, instagram.

Piotr Pawlak Jazztet: “The Gatsby Era”

1920년대의 수많은 음반들을 듣고 직접 악보로 만들어 편곡하여 연주 및 해설까지 정말 많은 준비를 필요로 하는 콘서트 시리즈를 기획하고 부산의 핫플레이스인 #게네랄파우제 에서 연주하고 계세요.

여섯개의 큰 제목으로 진행되는 6부로 이루어진 콘서트 시리즈입니다.

Piotr Pawlak Jazztet: “Bossa’n’Samba”

On July 6th, 2019 the Brazilian music scene lost one of their music giants. João Gilberto, called also by the locals: “the father of Bossa Nova”, passed away.

He was for me the first Brazilian performer I have heard, and recognised, since I started listening to various music from Brazil. At the time I didn’t even know that he was mostly performing music written by another giant – Antonio Carlos Jobim.

After finishing the previous series, 5 concerts of “Jazz 1959”, I wanted to put together a Tribute Concert for Joao Gilberto. A concert that would have no “jazz” at all.

With this in mind, at General Pause in Busan, I gave my first performance consisting of only Brazilian music. And it went well I think, because people asked for more. I ended up having 3 different performances in General Pause. The program spreaded to other venues as well.

Here is a detailed blog post (in English and Korean) summarising the project with few other links:

And a video from one of the rehearsals.

Piotr Pawlak Jazztet: Jazz 1959 Project

재즈의 성숙기이자 재즈 역사상 가장 창조적인 해로 꼽히는 1959년,
마일즈 데이비스, 존 콜트레인, 오넷 콜먼, 데이브 브루벡 등 재즈 뮤지션들의 혁신적이고 새로운 시도에 재즈는 새로운 국면으로 접어들었다. 당대의 뮤지션들이 만들어낸 재즈의 모습은 현재 클래식 재즈로 간주되고 있으며 1959년에 이러한 음악을 담은 유명한 음반들이 많이 발매되었기에 1959년은 더욱 특별한 해라 할 수 있다.

Piotr Pawlak (피오트르 파블락) “재즈 1959” 프로젝트는 1959년도의 음악적 업적을 폭넓은 관객들에게 보여준다. 공연에서는 마일즈 데이비스 “So What”, 존 콜트레인 “Giant Steps”, 데이브 브루벡 “Time Out”, 찰스 밍거스 “Ah Um” 등 당대에 혁신적인 시도라 불리었던 음악이 포함되어 있다. 오늘날 현대 재즈의 시초이자 초기 현대재즈의 모습을 엿볼 수 있는 공연을 통해 과거로 떠나는 여행이 될 재즈 1959 프로젝트와 함께 하시죠.

Hashtag: #Jazz1959 #재즈1959

By 1959, jazz had reached maturity and thanks to successive innovations, led by renown jazz musicians such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman and Dave Brubeck it was about to enter a new phase. Year 1959 itself is described as The Most Creative Year in jazz history. Many famous albums, now regarded as classic jazz recordings, were released in 1959.

Piotr Pawlak Jazz 1959 Project is proud to bring the musical achievements of year 1959 to wide audiences. The performance includes music from Miles Davis “So What”, John Coltrane “Giant Steps”, Dave Brubeck “Time Out”, Charles Mingus “Ah Um” just to name a few. Please join us on a trip to the past, to the beginnings of modern, contemporary jazz known today.

Insta Hashtag: #Jazz1959 #재즈1959

Piotr Pawlak Jazztet: The Art Of Trio

In this project Piotr only performs in a Piano Trio or Guitar Trio set-up. The concert has usually a specific motive, topic behind the programming. The band can take a specific composer (ex. vol.1 was Thelonious Monk) or trio album (ex. vol. 2 Ahmad Jamal Trio Live at Pershing album) and perform only tunes specific according to these guidelines.

It also has an educational value featuring prominent music composers or important history making albums.

Performances so far:

Vol.1 -Music of Thelonius Monk

Vol.2 – Ahmad Jamal Trio “Live at Pershing” album

Vol.3 – Music of Wes Montgomery

Vol.4 – Music of Bill Evans

Vol.5 – Music of Freddie Redd

Vol.6 – Duke Jordan

Vol.7 – George Shearing

Piotr Pawlak Jazztet with Friends

This name appears whenever Piotr performs as a leader without a specific motive in mind, usually featuring one, or more artists not from the local music scene. Here we can find him presenting his compositions and arrangements in any set-up possible, starting from trios, quartets, quintets and more. Check out Calendar for more information. 

Social Pages: facebook page, instagram.


4NowQuartet – Exclusive Music for Now.

A band created by Piotr and his wife, jazz singer MinJin Seo, in summer 2017. Together with another bass-piano couple, this group performs regularly on the local Busan scene and in surrounding cities. All musicians possess master degrees in jazz performance from CUNY Queens College. 4NowQuartet offers stylistically accurate interpretations of various styles of American Jazz Music. With sophisticated song selections, an appropriate appearance and a pleasing ambience the band shows an overall high standard of professionalism along with a distinct personal style.

For more information visit: official website, facebook page, instagram, youtube.


#TheWorldNeedsMoreTrumpet is a hashtag created from a trumpet challenge that Piotr. Everything started somewhere in 2017 when his friend told him he is in a middle of a bet, with his friend, that can win him 500 dollars. The bet went like this: if by the end of 1 year he plays Charlie Parker's standard Donna Lee  on trumpet he will win 500 dollars. It has to be added that his friend is a jazz saxophonist and never played trumpet before. Basically learning new instrument from scratch and achieve “Donna Lee Level” in 365 days. The history of this bet doesn't have a happy ending, or sad in that matter. Two friends came to an argument later in life and the bet was forgotten. One day, on August 21st 2018, Piotr decided to take the challenge. For half a year Piotr practiced trumpet from scratch, but sad to say after around 180 days, due to significant life changes, the challenge was abandoned.  Piotr keeps practicing trumpet from time to time. You can follow his struggles on: Youtube,  Instagram.